One-Line Bio

Currently a doctoral candidate at Pepperdine University.


How do people learn? Where does knowledge exist? How do current and emerging technologies support collaboration in the classroom, and how can educators support this?

Out of these questions came Collabucators - my attempt to explore this topic. I did a few posts, took a hiatus from the blog (okay, it's a l-o-o-n-g hiatus) as the pressures of both coursework and a full time job as an ICT director in an International school in South America consumed my time.

I need a place to explore such question. The Collabucators blog turns out to be a good spot. While you will sometimes see random ramblings, I will try to move past the "I think" to "I think and here is how and why those thoughts agree or disagree with the thoughts of other writings and other research." And, just to be clear, I don't speak for my employer or others. These thoughts are my own.

A bit about me--I am a teacher. Who started as, and still is, an engineer. Who became an ICT Director because I could affect the lives of more children. Who became a Director of Learning Technologies for a state so that I could help even more. But I am a teacher.

For my dissertation, I am examining ubiquitous access programs where students chose their own device. These are sometimes known as BYOT (Bring Your Own Tech), BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), Y'all come, or the Starbucks Model. There's lots of discussion but almost non-existent research about BYOD, so it's the perfect area for a dissertation.

And standard disclaimer: My opinions are my own in this forum and don't necessarily represent the views of my employer or the university.